Alien pets, aliens AND pets, pet aliens, I basically love anything to do with aliens and pets (but moreso the digital kind((and moreso moreso the tamagotchi kind))).
So this is a website that shall be dedicated to aliens, tamagotchi, poop (literal and metaphorical), fun junk, but mainly and mostly my special interests!
Enjoy this eye-sore of a website :)

Here's a link: Alien Poop.

You can make alien poo here.
Once made, send it to us via SP Cube at:

SP Cube 69
Asteroid 420
Orions Belt
Milkyway Galaxy

Here are some IRL xenopets (they are sometimes mistaken for Earth's domestic pets):


Currently learning to code in html for the sake of this website, enjoy the html-noobness I know I am, however I have a long way to go to reach my vision...

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